Vinyl Cleaning

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Vinyl is an oft unappreciated and underrated material. Due to some poor color and design choices in generations past, it is commonly derided as cheap, tacky, dated and even ugly. Despite its less than luxurious reputation, however, vinyl is a sort of miracle of nature. It can be made in just about any color or pattern. It's easy to clean and with proper care, vinyl can last forever. Even vinyl that looks to be too far gone can be brought back to life with the right know how. Fortunately, we have that know how and we can help to restore your vinyl to its former glory. Read on to see what we can do for your vinyl.

Sometimes all your vinyl needs is a good wipe down with a quality vinyl cleaner. Other times, though, vinyl cleaner just isn't enough to do the trick (as seen in the pic.) Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care has the knowledge and resources to get your vinyl clean and looking like new again. 

Vinyl Cleaning

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Vinyl Restoration

The secret to making your vinyl furniture last forever is proper maintenance. Proper maintenance means conditioning your vinyl to prevent it from drying out and cracking. We always condition your vinyl when we perform professional vinyl cleaning.   

Vinyl Conditioning

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