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Urine Carpet Treatment – How To Remove Urine From Carpet

It’s almost inevitable, when it comes to having pets in the house that sooner or later they will have an accident, or worse, an on going problem. As soon as you notice the urine carpet spot treatments like Nature’s

Miracle are the first thing you grab. You think the problem is solved but as soon as the weather warms up a bit or the humidity increases you can start to smell it again. Sometimes the area begins to darken. But why? You cleaned it right away.

Why Is Urine In Carpet Such A Problem?

Urine in carpet is not your typical spill.  It has several different “ingredients” that cause a multitude of problems that, unfortunately, cannot be remedied with cleaner and a towel.

The Color

The first and most obvious problem is the color. If left untreated it can become a permanent stain. When urine leaves the body it is warm, acidic, and colored; the three ingredients necessary to dye any fabric. The heat opens the carpets dye sites, the color penetrates, and the acidity sets the stain. Depending on the species, sex, age, and diet of the animal the stain could be very difficult to remove. Over time the pH of the urine in carpet will change from an acid to an alkaline. When this happens, bleaching of the carpet fiber can occur. Bleaching can not be altered by any means of cleaning, only dying the carpet fibers will reverse bleached carpet. In some fabrics the alkalinity can cause colors to bleed. Sometimes this can be fixed, but again not through any means of cleaning.

The Smell

The next problem, and the one most people are troubled by is the smell. Urine carpet smells because it contains salt crystals. Salt is a natural desiccant, it absorbs moisture. As long as the salt remains in the carpet it will constantly draw moisture from the air. Moisture in the urine carpet and padding creates the perfect environment for breeding smelly bacteria. That’s why in warm, humid weather urine carpet smells stronger than it does in cooler drier weather. Even after cleaning with an enzymatic product like Nature’s Miracle the odors sometimes return. Enzymes will kill the odor causing bacteria but will not prevent new bacteria from growing after the enzyme has worn off.  And since the salt crystals can remain in the carpet for 5 – 7 years it’s a good idea to treat the root cause and not just the symptoms.

The Moisture

The salt crystals are also responsible for the third problem. The stain “reappearing.” Sometimes a spot of urine in carpet will turn dark brown or black. This is caused again by the moisture the salt is attracting which in turn attracts the soil from your feet and turns the spot brown or black. The salt can remain in the carpet for years if left untreated.

The Blacklight (just like in CSI)

Fortunately the salt crystals also work in our favor. The salt crystals in the carpet urine has left behind reflect UV

 so we can use black lights to find everywhere the animal has gone and treat each area down to the pad and remove all the salt crystals, there-by eliminating the odor and the re-soiling!

The Solution to Urine in Carpet

We have a guaranteed remediation process for urine in carpet.

First we find the affected areas with a high intensity blacklight.

We saturate each spot with an oxidizing solution – much like hydrogen peroxide – soaking the carpet and the pad, and then we let the solution dwell for 30 minutes.After it has had enough time to break down the salt crystals we can extract the solution.  For this process we use a special tool that compresses the carpet and pad to express the solution and urine much like ringing out a sponge or towel. The last step is just a normal carpet cleaning.

At this stage the urine is completely removed from the carpet.  We guarantee there will be no smell and no recurring soiling. We cannot, however, guarantee removal of any discoloration.

Our pets are going to have accidents but Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care has the knowledge and expertise to be your insurance policy for your carpet.

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