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Scotchgard Carpet Protector

Updated: Feb 18

Why We Don't Use It?

The short answer is that Scotchgard carpet protector is fluorochemical and fluorochemicals have been shown to be very bad for your health. In addition, it is a relatively old technology and not the most effective carpet protector available these days.

What's better than Scotchgard Carpet Protector?

At Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care we only apply Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector to synthetic and wool carpet fiber. Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector contains no solvents, fluorochemicals or resoiling silicones while preventing staining agents like red wine, grape juice and Kool-Aid from permanently bonding to the carpet fiber.

Unlike Scotchgard, Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector coats the whole fiber with an ionic bond that resists wear from foot traffic and vacuuming. It also fills in microscopic holes created as a side effect of the nylon extrusion process. Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector fills in these holes so that spilled liquids won’t be able to. What all this boils down to is that you no longer need to be present at every single spill, or puppy accident that happens in your home. Now your window of opportunity has grown from several minutes to possibly years!  Stains on carpet protected with Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector can be removed either when you eventually notice the spot or the next time you have your carpet professionally cleaned, although sooner is always better.

How does it do that?

Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector contains a highly concentrated, anti-staining polymer that coats the carpet fiber creating a barrier around the carpet fiber that protects it from staining.

Think of it like a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. Without the protection of a thin layer of hard chocolate, the soft ice cream would be vulnerable to stains from cherry juice or from being embedded with sprinkles. When you shield the ice cream with the chocolate coating nothing can get through to the ice cream to damage or stain it. Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector acts just

like the hard chocolate shell on an ice cream cone. Dirt and spills are stopped by the carpet protector before they reach the carpet fiber. Benefits Beyond Stain Protection Besides preventing stains applying carpet protector weather its Scotchgard carpet protector or any other carpet protector offers many other benefits. Protected carpet is easier to clean, resists staining, maintains appearance, and lasts longer than unprotected carpet.  That means that you will have a healthier indoor environment because your carpet will be cleaner.  You will save money by not having to buy new flooring as often.  You will keep your old carpet out of the landfill which is good for the environment.  Best of all when you hire professional carpet cleaning companies you are supporting small local businesses that can’t be outsourced.

But what does it all mean, Basil?!

Simply put, Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector is better than Scotchgard, it will save you money, your carpet will look good, stay clean and make you happy! Below is a video demonstrating Maxim S.O.S. Carpet Protector.

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