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Professional Mattress Cleaning

How often do you think about mattress cleaning?

Probably not as often as you should think about cleaning something that you spend a third of your life on. Sure, you change the sheets on a regular basis but what about the mattress itself? A mattress can be a haven for dust, dust mites, bacteria and allergens. As with any upholstered item in your home mattresses should be cleaned periodically. A professional mattress cleaning is inexpensive especially when done during a normal carpet cleaning appointment. Mattresses usually dry very quickly; in as little as an hour in some cases. Our 5 step mattress cleaning process will clean, freshen and make your mattress a healthy place to rest once again.

Urine stain on mattress.

Our 5 Step Mattress Cleaning Process

Every process starts with a first step. As with cleaning any fabric, mattress cleaning begins with vacuuming. Next we treat any stains*.

If there is urine contamination in the mattress we have a couple different ways to treat that. For small areas we can use a special syringe to inject solutions that will destroy the urine. For larger areas we can put the whole mattress in a bag and draw the air out to pull the solutions into the mattress to get at all the contamination. The next step is to pre-condition the mattress to loosen and suspend soils for extraction. Finally we rinse all of the pre-conditioner and stain treatments from the mattress.

Urine stain removed with professional mattress cleaning.

Remember, you spend a third of your life on your mattress (unless you’re always making your wife mad and then you might spend it on the couch; we clean those to) so isn’t nice to know you can keep your mattress as clean as the rest of your home?

*A note about stains: When you buy a new mattress they always try to sell you a mattress pad. It usually comes with a mattress replacement warranty covering stains not removed by a professional mattress cleaning. I have seen people get a new mattress every year with these mattress pad warranties. My theory about mattress pads (and I have no proof of this, it is strictly my opinion) is that they apply fabric protector to the mattress pad. As a result, the mattress pad prevents spills from reaching the mattress. Washing the mattress pad with the soiled sheets is the next logical step. Consequently in the process you wash the fabric protector off the mattress pad rendering it ineffective the next time you use it. I see this happen all the time. Also, as a side note, if your mattress begins to sag or is in any other way defective your mattress warranty will cover its replacement. However, a professional mattress cleaning must be performed, at your cost, to remove any stains before the warranty company will replace it. The mattress pad warranty covers professional cleaning of the mattress and when stains are not removed the mattress is often replaced by the pad warranty company. So either way you will get a new mattress. You can learn more about buying a new mattress at the Consumer Affairs Mattress Reviews study.

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