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How to Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

Don't Remove Nail Polish Carpet Stains! Call Me First!

Nail polish remover

When you remove nail polish carpet stains it is important to address both parts of the nail polish, the carrier and the solids. The color is dissolved into the solids and the solids are dissolved into the carrier to make a liquid that can be easily applied to the nail. The carrier is usual some form of acetate (e.g. butyl acetate or ethyl acetate) which evaporates quickly leaving the colored solids behind so that your nails don't remain wet for very long. When it spills and dries on the carpet nail polish leaves a thick, hard, colorful spot. At this point I can remove the nail polish from the carpet with 100% success. However, nail polish carpet stains, cannot be removed by even an experienced professional like myself after an improper attempt at removal has been made. This is why I strongly recommend NOT attempting to remove nail polish carpet stains yourself.

This is the problem I run into.

The way people typically try to remove nail polish from carpet is by using acetone based nail polish remover. This is a step in the right direction but it can cause two problems. The first problem is that pouring remover onto the spot soaks the backing of the carpet causing delamination. This will cause the carpet in that spot to fall apart in the future. The second problem is that it separates the color from the solids causing the carpet fiber to absorb the color. This will leave a permanent stain in the carpet.

It all comes down to having the right tools for the job.

The most effective way to remove nail polish from carpet is using a solvent spotting gel. The gel will stay on top of the nail polish and slowly dissolve both the color and the carrier. Then we extract the spot and the gel leaving no evidence of nail polish on the carpet. Unless you have the right tools and solutions to remove nail polish from carpet I would suggest calling a professional. Attempting to remove nail polish from carpet without the proper tools and solutions can cause irreparable damage. Overall the cost to hire a professional to remove nail polish from carpet will be far, far less than the cost of new carpet.

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