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Carpet Dents and Divots and How to Remove Them

Carpet dents and divots caused by heavy furniture on the carpet can be an unsightly nuisance. Professional carpet cleaning won't remove them because enough moisture isn't able to reach the carpet backing. You, however, can do it yourself. In this article we will explain why they occur and reveal a very easy way to remove them.

Carpet Dents & Divots Occur in Part Due to The Nature of Carpet Construction

The individual layers of carpet construction.

Synthetic carpet is made by punching tufts of carpet fiber into a two part backing material which is made of a primary and secondary backing. This backing material is where carpet dents form. The first backing called the primary backing consists of a weave of plastic strips coated with latex. In addition to the primary backing, the secondary backing is also a weave of plastic strips coated with latex. A machine punches the carpet fiber through the primary backing while latex glue adheres a secondary backing to the primary backing. As a result, this reinforces the structure making it, strong, and slightly stiff which keeps tension in the carpet and prevents buckling. Consequently, it is this stiffness that causes carpet dents to form.

Heavy Furniture

Carpet dents need a catalyst such as a furniture leg to form. The weight of the furniture compresses the carpet into the carpet cushion beneath it causing the stiff latex carpet backing to mold itself to the shape of the furniture leg. The stiffness of the carpet backing retains its shape after the furniture is removed. Furthermore, this shape is retained until the latex backing relaxes and regains its normal shape. Due to the absorbent properties of latex, water is the perfect solution to relax the latex. This process, however, takes time.

How do You Remove Carpet Dents?

Carpet dents are actually very easy to remove. All you need is an ice cube.

The ice cube releases water slowly as it melts. Because it takes so long, the latex has enough time to absorb the water, swell and finally relax regaining its old shape yet again.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

It's really that easy. Not convinced? Watch the video below and see for yourself!

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