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Carpet Cleaning Cost - How Much Should It Be?

You Get What You Pay For

You've heard it a million times or more, "you get what you pay for". It is just as true for the cleaning industry as anything else. It is an important bit of wisdom to remember when being bombarded by coupons and advertisements offering extraordinary deals like "any 5 rooms for $69", "any 3 rooms for $49", or my personal favorite (and an actual offer I received by phone) "3 rooms, a hallway and a sofa for $25"! That's not enough to cover gas let alone, all of the other expenses that determine the total carpet cleaning cost.

So how can these bargain companies stay in business charging such low prices?  They can't!  It's bait-and-switch advertising. The price seems too good to be true because it is. Once they are in your home they charge for things that should be included in the base price. This drives up the carpet cleaning cost. They charge extra to vacuum, to pre-condition, to use cleaning solutions instead of plain water, and of course spotting is extra. These things are essential to proper carpet cleaning and should be included in the base carpet cleaning cost estimate. You wouldn't buy a car from a dealer for $1000 and then pay for the tires, brakes and an engine separately. Legitimate, reputable companies who follow the IICRC S-100 Carpet Cleaning Standard include vacuuming, pre-conditioning, and cleaning solutions in the base carpet cleaning cost.

What should I expect to get for my money?

Healthy Clean Carpet Tile Care performs an 8 step carpet cleaning procedure on every carpet cleaning service without any additional hidden charges. In this process the carpet is vacuumed, spotted, pre-conditioned, agitated, rinsed, groomed, and dried. We also move and replace the furniture. Our written carpet cleaning cost estimate includes all of this. A written estimate, in person, ensures an accurate price that won't change if the scope of the work remains unchanged. In other words, no hidden fees.

Will there be any extra charges?

The base carpet cleaning cost includes everything listed above. Carpet heavily soiled with pet stains or an inordinate amount of stains requiring special attention will require extra charges should you choose to add those services. Before cleaning the carpet we perform a pet urine removal treatment. There is an extra charge for this service and we guarantee it to remove pet odor and resist resoiling. We also apply carpet protector at your request. We only use Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector and there is an additional charge for that service as well. If you decline any additional services then the base carpet cleaning cost estimate will be all that you pay. We will clean your carpet, to the best of our ability though stains may remain and there may be pet odors without the pet urine removal treatment.

Can you give me a price over the phone?

We charge by the square foot and as such we only measure the carpet that we are going to clean. That means that if you don't want the carpet underneath the bed cleaned we won't measure that area. For this reason, among others, we don't give price estimates over the phone. Square foot pricing is the most fair way to figure carpet cleaning cost because every carpet cleaning job is different. People lead very different lifestyles and it's reflected in their homes. Charging by the room as many carpet cleaning companies do is not fair to the consumer. They might offer 4 rooms for $99. They base the price on a total of 400 square feet at roughly 25 cents per square foot. If your 4 rooms are less than 400 square feet you are actually paying more than the 25 cents per square foot on which "deal" is based.

Charging by the square foot is fair to all parties involved and quite frankly it just makes sense. You wouldn't ask a painter for a quote sight unseen. It does, however, present the slight inconvenience of not being able to quote carpet cleaning prices over the phone. That, however, is a small price to pay for an informed and accurate quote. We need to know how much carpet you have primarily. The level of soiling, the age and type of carpet, the carpets construction, and the amount and size of furniture to be moved in each room are all very important as well. All of these things are difficult to gauge over the phone. Without an accurate picture of what we're going to clean we can't create an accurate quote.

FREE in home estimates have other advantages too.

A free no obligation carpet cleaning cost estimate affords you the opportunity to meet the the carpet cleaning technician. It's better to get to know someone before allowing them to begin working in your home. Otherwise you may find out after they begin working that you may have made a mistake. That is another reason we always provide free in home estimates and why unscrupulous discount carpet cleaners don't. Another advantage to meeting in person is that we don't have to speak in abstracts. In person, we can discuss your specific concerns about the carpet and what we can do for you specifically.

So how much will my carpet cleaning cost?

It depends on a variety of factors including how much carpet you have. On average, though, you can expect to pay a reputable carpet cleaning company about $400 for carpet cleaning. Before any work begins, ask for a written, on-site estimate. The price will change if things are added later. Make a list of everything you would like included in the estimate.

Carpet cleaning cost shouldn't be the most important factor in selecting a cleaning professional. Paying too little could end up costing more.

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