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Our 3 part leather furniture cleaning process was designed to not only clean your leather furniture but to also prevent its premature degradation so that you can continue to enjoy your leather furniture for many years to come. Improper cleaning practices, including the use of the wrong cleaning solutions, or even simple neglect can cause your leather furniture to deteriorate. That is because leather is susceptible to drying out which causes it to become brittle and crack. Improper cleaning practices can strip away the oils in the leather that keep the leather soft and supple.

Our professional 3 part leather cleaning process cleans the leather, moisturizes the leather which replenishes the oils lost over time and then protects the leather to prevent future spills from becoming permanent stains. 

Leather furniture is not cheap. Incorporating our 3 part leather cleaning process into your homes maintenance program will help to protect your investment in your leather furniture and reflect the high standard to which you keep the rest of your home. Call today to schedule a free on-site inspection and estimate!

As with cleaning any surface in your home, we start by vacuuming. Vacuuming removes the majority of insoluble soil so when the wet cleaning begins it doesn't turn to mud.

Step 1. - Vacuum

First, we whip the leather cleaning solution into a foam. Then, using a sponge we gently scrub leather with foam solution to loosen the soil. We clean in small areas to prevent the foam solution from drying before we can wipe the area clean.

Step 2. -  Clean

This step is what is also known as conditioning the leather. We apply a specially formulated conditioning solution made from the same animal fat that would have kept the hide moist when the animal was alive. It replenishes the moisture that is lost over time and keeps the leather soft and supple. 

Step 3. -  Moisture

The last step is to apply a leather protector. This helps to prevent stains on the leather. Accidents happen, even to leather, and nobody wants to be reminded of their clumsiness in the form of a stain on their otherwise beautiful leather sofa forever.

Step 4. -  Protector

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