Wood Cleaning

the healthy clean way

Our 5 step hardwood floor cleaning process uses a specially formulated cleaning solution and soft rotating brush to gently scrub the floor.  We get into the grooves and crevices where soils build up and conventional cleaning with mops and rags can't always get.  Improper routine maintenance will hasten the build-up of soils in the grooves of the wood.  A professional hardwood floor cleaning will wipe the slate clean, so-to-speak, and with proper maintenance extend the time necessary between professional interventions.  As our machine passes over the floor it extracts the dirty solution and leaves the floor clean, dry and ready to be re-coated.


Implementing a hardwood floor cleaning and care program that includes our 5 step hardwood floor cleaning process will save you the hassle of refinishing your floors prematurely, keep your floors looking beautiful and save you money!  Call today to schedule a free on-site inspection and estimate!

Step 1. - Move Furniture

Our approach to wood floor cleaning is to clean small sections of the floor at a time. This allows us to easily move furniture from one side of the room to the other and then replace it as we finish each area.

Step 2. -  Precondition

We use a cleaning solution specially formulated for cleaning wood flooring. It loosens soil and holds it in suspension to be rinsed out in Step 4.

Step 3. -  Agitate Preconditioner

We use a floor machine with a soft pad to gently scrub the floor to loosen the soil. Some floors have small channels that run between the boards. For these areas, we use scrub brushes to get into the crevices to loosen the soil by hand.

Step 4. -  Rinse Extraction

This is where the whole floor gets rinsed clean. Using warm clean water with a squeegee extraction tool the soil is removed with all excess water. After this step the floor is clean.

Step 5. - Speed Dry

In order to ensure that the floor is ready for use immediately, we use cotton bonnets to remove any residual moisture and leave the floor dry to touch. After this step the floor is dry and ready for immediate use.

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