The Healthy Clean Way

Regular carpet cleaning is a key part of a healthy indoor environment. Dust, pollen, mold and fungi in the air will settle on the floor. Carpet acts like a filter that keeps pollutants from re-entering the air. Just like the filter in your HVAC system, your “carpet filter” needs regular cleaning to maintain healthy indoor air quality.


Founded in 1972, The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) establishes standards for the carpet cleaning industry. As an IICRC certified firm Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care abides by theses industry standards in all the work we do.

To adhere to the industry standard Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care has implemented an 8 step carpet cleaning procedure.
Step 1. - Vacuum

Carpet mills and Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care recommend vacuuming at least once every week. Vacuuming extends the life of your carpet, reduces ugly traffic wear patterns, and improves indoor air quality. We vacuum the carpet before every carpet cleaning service because more than 50% of dry soil is removed by vacuuming alone. While vacuuming, we can also take note of areas needing special attention.

Step 2. - Move Furniture

For the most thorough cleaning possible we need access to the whole carpet. We will discuss with you what furniture will be moved. However, we are unable to move certain items like pianos, entertainment centers, china cabinets, desks or objects with valuables and electronics on them. We use plastic sliders to safely move your furniture. When possible move furniture just outside the room. After the carpet cleaning we will move your furniture back and place it on foam blocks to prevent moisture from damaging your furniture or carpet. When the carpet is dry the blocks can be removed.

Step 3. - Stain Treatment

After we vacuum the carpet and move your furniture, we can begin treating stains. Drinks such as Hawaiian Punch, Kool-Aid, Gatorade and decaffinated coffee can stain carpet with inorganic dyes that can permanently alter the color of the carpet. Wine, coffee and urine can stain the carpet with organic dyes. Urine, milk, vomit and feces can cause stains and odors that are treated separately. Rust and furniture stain also require special treatment. Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care technicians have the training, experience and tools to remove almost any stain from your carpet.

Step 4. - Precondition

After treating any stains, we apply a specially formulated pre-conditioning treatment that looses both water soluble soils and sticky oil based soils. Based on the type and level of soiling we will choose a pre-conditioner that will best suit the needs of your carpet. All of our pre-conditioning cleaning solutions are biodegradable, non-toxic and free of harmful ingredients. Then, we agitate the pre-conditioner and leave it to dwell.​

Step 5. - Rinse Extraction

The next step is to rinse your carpet. A rotary extraction tool provides the most thorough cleaning possible because the machine agitates, as well as neutralizes the carpet fibers. It extracts the rinse solution, pre-conditioner, stain removers, and soil. The dirty solution is then deposited in a recovery tank located on the Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care van where it is held for disposal. Your carpet is now clean! But wait there’s more!​

Step 6. - Carpet Protector

We apply carpet protector to your carpet which is an optional step to extend the life of your carpet by many years. Carpet warranties require carpet protector to be applied every 12 to 18 months, therefore, we encourage you to consider this optional step. Carpet protector prevents dry soil abrasion and it protects against food and drink spills and makes vacuuming more effective. It is a lot like applying wax to the paint on your car.​

Step 7. - Groom Pile

This step does a few things. First, it works the carpet protector into the fiber to increase its protection capabilities. It also prevents the pile from drying on its side. It dries upright and carpet is most resilient when the top of the fiber is walked on. Finally, groomed carpet looks nice.

Step 8. Dry

This is a step often over-looked by some cleaners. Getting the carpet dry as quickly as possible is imperative. It aids in the prevention of wicking and microbial growth. We place high powered fans in each area to speed dry the carpet.

With all 8 steps completed your carpet is clean, dry and ready to use. In conclusion, with the standards created by the IICRC and the experience of Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care technicians your carpet will receive the most thorough cleaning possible, guaranteed. That is the Healthy Clean Way.



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